Journal of Translation Studies
Publishing process

The publishing process of the Journal of Translation Studies is composed of the following steps:

  1. Articles sent by author(s) in August and March each year (by the announced date) are collected by the editor/editors.
  2. The articles are preliminarily evaluated by the members of the Editorial Board in September and April each year. Those articles which are thought to be unrelated and/or noncontributory to the field of Translation Studies are eliminated by the members of the Editorial Board.
  3. The articles which are considered appropriate for evaluation are subject to a double blind peer-reviewing process. The articles are evaluated by two independent reviewers. In case an article received one approval and one rejection, it is evaluted by a third reviewer.
  4. Minor/major corrections are suggested by the reviewers and they are submitted to author(s). The reviewers may request to check if their suggestions are considered by the author(s).
  5. The corrected articles are edited and proofread by the editor/editors and/or members of the Editorial Board.
  6. A copyright transfer declaration is demanded from each author.
  7. The articles are typeset by computer typsetting and printed after several proofs.
  8. Two copies of the printed issue are mailed to the authors.